Musco Master Class with Pilobolus
Chapman University Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences students met Star Trek star and social justice activist George Takei after a moving discussion.

Leap of Art Residencies

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Musco Center Leap of Art Residencies allow performing artists to further engage with the Chapman University community through supplementary activities across campus, including guest-instructed classes for a variety of academic departments and speaking in community panel discussions. Often innovators in their fields, residency artists speak on topics of special interest to Chapman University and its scholarship.

“Momix electrified our students to take risks, fly across the studio, and remember how important imagination and play are…The results are transformative and invigorating for the department.”

- Julianne Pederson, Professor, Chair, Department of Dance

  Chapman University dance students received hands-on instruction from MOMIX and Mark Morris Dance Company members. 

“It is part of that personalized education Chapman is known for and these types of collaborations that connect students to the larger world will always be among the most valuable parts of their education.” 

- Stephanie Takaragawa, Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Violinist and singer-songwriter Kishi Bashi shared his music production process with music students and theatre performer and LGBTQ+ activist Migguel Anggelo connected with students in a vulnerable discussion. 

“Migguel's exploration of the intersectional realities of Queerness and Latinidad made a significant impact on a number of students. Residencies like this have the potential to enhance a sense of belonging, especially for those who long to see themselves, and their stories, reflected on stage.” 

- Dr. Kevin Nguyen-Stockbridge, Director of LGBTQ Pride and Achievement